Why are Aeroponics and Hydroponics the future?

Aeroponics and hydroponics are contemporary approaches to the age-old concept of farming/ gardening which is also dubbed soil-less cultivation.
Aeroponics refers to those plants that grow without soil with the aid of nutrients and air whereas hydroponics is water-dependent. They have their roots submerged in a solvent or water.
Aeroponics and hydroponics are becoming hugely popular with the urban, health-conscious consumers that are also eco-ethically aware of the deteriorating state of the natural resources of our planet. Aeroponics and hydroponics are actually a giant step towards a green future, and here are the reasons you should try one of them or even both.

Resource Management

Adequate deployment of Hydroponics/ Aeroponics technologies helps in optimizing natural resources; as well as resources deployed in running farms. Entire farms can be run using minimal water, electricity and other resources.

Space efficient

Aeroponics techniques offer more in less space. Using a vertical style growing system ensures that more plants can be grown in a smaller area. So there is better utilization of your residential as well as commercial spaces.

All Natural/ Reduced Toxins

The seeds sprout in your house/ farm! The plants grow under your care in a nutrient based solvent thus reducing the use of any undesired chemicals like fertilizers or pesticides that makes the food completely natural.


In case of home setup, As soon as the plant ripens you can pluck and cook it or eat raw; it doesn’t pass through many hands and doesn’t get contaminated via transportation. Completely hygienic, home-grown, and nutritious food on your plate.


The plants require sprinkles of solvent after they start growing. While using aeroponics technology they need water more than any other thing. They grow hassle-free with minimum care and are completely worth every penny spent on the installation. Since output per square meter is more, so more returns too.


Hydroponics gives you a lot of scope to cultivate different spices and herbs like rosemary, parsley, peppers, thymeand many more. You can grow your own exotic kitchen garden and enjoy nutritious food every day.

Aesthetic decor

What can be more enticing than rows of natural flowers abloom on your wall? It will certainly captivate the visitors and keep your indoor air clean and healthy. Hydroponics can be easily grown on towers or verticals, which saves you a lot of space too.


Nothing can be more interesting than growing your own food right in front of your eyes. The food not only comes dew-fresh but also can be grown in a fully automated environment using controllers. Controllers monitor your plant nutrient level; manage water/ aeration; irrigation cycle/ aeration cycles. All that you have to do is monitor and harvest at right time.