Aero Cubes

Elevating farms with smart and hybrid technology

The Aero Cubes manufactured by Green Tangents are NFT based Hydroponics/ Aeroponics systems. These technologically advanced structures with double wall channels, allow for an uninterrupted flow of water and also prevent any clot formation.
Our Aero Cubes are available in different shapes and sizes that are customised according to client requirement and available space.

The Need

If the quality of food consumed is of such great significance, then it is pertinent to ensure that whatever we eat is fresh, grown in hygienic and conducive conditions and above all, is delicious.


  • Easy Maintenance
  • Unfertile Soil
  • Avoid Soil Borne Diseases
  • In Your Control (Control, Grow, Bloom and Boom)
  • Healthier and Higher Yield in smaller Space

The Placement

Aero Cubes can be placed in 2 ways –

NFT ( Horizontal )

A frames

Benefits of our NFT Systems

While NFT systems are available in different shapes and sizes, the Green Tangents systems feature a unique design. A hybrid model – in which the water flows and is also sprayed at frequent intervals. This one of a kind structure ensures


  • Easy Maintenance
  • Openable from top
  • Access for Routine Check up
  • Automation

Our Hybrid NFT Channel

Double Wall

Double wall not only makes the pipe sturdy; it also helps in maintaining the root temperature.

Removable Drip Pipe

Plant roots grow in all directions and to extensive lengths. This can sometimes clog the drip pipes and hence it is vital to clean them. The easiest way is to remove, clean and insert again; which is made really easy by our removable drip pipes.

Openable from Top

An easily Openable structure not only helps in cleaning but also makes routine checks really simple and hassle free.


Being a hybrid model, the NFT system not only allows the water to flow around the roots, but also sprays water at requisite intervals to maintain optimal growing conditions for plants.

Aero Cubes (NFT / A Frames) Ideal For

Commercial Farming


Spacious Balcony

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The various functions of NFT systems can be automated through programmed controllers


Irrigation based on Temperature
In this mode, the water pump runs according to the outside temperature. Higher the temperature more water may be needed by the plants, which will require the pump to work more often.

Cyclic Timer

All plants do not need water with the same frequency. The cyclic mode makes it possible possible to set the water pump to work at specific repetitive intervals, according to the variety of plants that you are growing. For instance, you can set the water pump to start every 4 hours (240 minutes).

Real Time

Certain plants need to be watered at prefixed times only – early morning or evenings or night or some such other time. In such a scenario, the irrigation controller is programmed to work in real time for a particular duration.

Manual Mode

Through this you can operate controller manually – switch the water on and off as and when you feel it is needed by the plants. Such close monitoring may be really helpful in early sapling stage, and to clean and test the systems.


This is a highly useful tool for commercial projects. It enables users to operate and monitor the farm remotely, using wireless network technology.

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What all you can grow

System supports several varieties of vegetables, fruits including leafy greens and vines, along with ornamental flowers. Though for commercial farming, it is advisable to discuss as per climate and system selected.

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