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Residential or Commercial… We have aeroponics / hydroponics based solution for everything that you need for your green journey.

Hydroponics / Aeroponics Solution

Grow Fast and Grow More

Save upto 90% Water

Octa Garden

From Kitchen Garden to Commercial Farm, get more in less space.

Optimize your resources, Grow Vertically or Horizontally

Our Solutions

Green Tangents offers an aeroponic way of growing greens; not just for food at home and in agricultural farms, but also for aesthetic appeal in larger community areas, in the most scientific and nature-friendly manner.




Our Products Are

Self Sufficient


Do It Yourself

Cost Effective


Eco Friendly

Plants To Plate

Pesticide & Chemical Free

Green Tangents 

“Green Tangents” offers you various Hydroponics/Aeroponics agro techniques that provide modern farming a strong tool to increase harvest for a given farm land or to have a Small veranda / rooftop garden in minimum space.

These techniques not only increase the yield 2-3 times, but also reduce the usage of water, and eliminate use of pesticides, and fertilizers. We at Green Tangents empower home growers / farmers to use these novel techniques throughout the year using a Polyhouse-Green House Structure and using Aeroponics Agriculture. These techniques can give you a cleaner and nutritious way of growing greens which in the end elevates your life.

Why Aeroponics / Hydroponics?

Plants Get more Oxygen – Behaves like Human

Roots Do not ROT as not submerged in water 24*7

Higher Yield in Smaller Space

1.5 acre = 500 Sq mt , also unfertile land can be used

Water and Soil borne pest are eliminated

Grow, Bloom and Boost Can be controlled

What you can grow with
Aeroponics / Hydroponics

Explore and grow multiple varieties of plants simultaneously some of which include

Leafy Vegetables





Customer’s Speak

“Good technology works well with good quality equipment. And we got the best of both delivered to us”,

Corporate Client


“Never Knew, plant to plate was so easy; and Literally so fresh, plus the taste is amazing…”

Mr. Mitra


” What an experience to grow from seed to full plant. This technology is brilliant, so simple to do it yourself and fresh”

Mr. Saxena

West Bengal

“WOW! Unbelievable, I could not believe I could have my kitchen garden in so small a space. I Love to make fresh salads now.”

Ms. Tanu