Green Tangents 

Time and again, we witness misuse and wastage of precious natural resources

Our reaction is to sadly shake our heads in disappointment and with the usual lament about how ‘someone should do something about it’, we shrug our shoulders in resignation and move on.
Mere awareness of a problem is simply not enough. Definitely, some concerted action has to be undertaken in order to make a real difference for ensuring a tangible and visible change, which is meaningful, impactful and positive. It is imperative to start with small yet steady baby steps and then embark on a revolutionary journey. The approach needs to be fresh and at a tangent from run-of-the-mill solutions for a robust ecosystem.

With the conversation around conserving natural resources gaining momentum at a rapid pace globally, Green Tangents is our small way of contributing to this larger mission. We believe that this first step is the start to a great and fulfilling journey. Through Green Tangents we propose to start a revolution whereby we are able to elevate lives and manage resources, especially in our modern day concrete jungles. The essence of our being is to optimise natural resources through adequate deployment of aeroponics / hydroponics and other technologies and give back to society by converting living spaces into virtual oxygen lungs, enabling the creation of a cleaner, greener environment and augmenting the quality of our lives.

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We want to touch people’s lives and enrich the quality of living by creating a green, clean and healthy society.


Spreading environment-consciousness by optimisation of natural resources and generating healthier, chemical-free environs through state-of-the-art technology.

Message from Co Founders

Our aim is to use resources efficiently and as a start we are spreading green.

Jalesh Arya

Jalesh Arya

Prateek Arya

Prateek Arya

Through Green Tangents we aim to provide urban farming solutions to modern farmers and gardening enthusiasts. We believe that the future of farming cannot dwell on traditional patterns and we must design more resourceful ways that can take us to a sustainable and greener future. We just don’t want to assist commercial farmers; but aim to enrich the quality of life for the common people by creating a green, clean, and healthy society; and incorporate the plant to plate lifestyle in everyday life.

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