Our Products & Services

At Green Tangents, we provide a wide array of residential and commercial Hydroponics/ Aeroponics, products and services for you. These are designed to help consumers grow plants with ease, efficacy, and effectiveness. Choose from the services below to start your green journey… soillessly!

Turnkey Projects

Aeroponics / Hydroponics Farm Set up



Polyhouse Set up

Octa Garden

OCTA GARDEN is a vertical plant growing system that takes only 2*2 Square Feet space to grow 32-48 plants. It helps you grow your own food without worrying about watering the plants.

Aero Cubes

Green Tangents Aero Cubes are NFT based hydro/ Aeroponics based system are an advanced NFT which not only allow water to flow as in hydroponics but also create.