Commercial Solution

Green Tangents is proud to facilitate hydroponics/aeroponics techniques of farming and bring them within the reach of Indian farmers, there by empowering them to undertake agricultural practices all year round. This is achieved by using a Polyhouse-Green House Structure and deploying Aeroponics, which involve using nutrients from the air for crops. Commercial Aeroponic farms augment farmers’ income in a sustainable way which results in produce that is not only tasty but also ensures a healthier future for consumers.

Hydroponics/Aeroponics Agricultural techniques augment modern farming by increasing overall harvest as much as 3-5 times, and also ensure that the use of water is reduced; besides less usage of pesticides, fertilizers by 50-80%.

Product For Commercial Setup

The product (or solution) that you select for your commercial farm set-up will determine the total cost; which in most cases is lesser than a single unit, as the resources are shared amongst multiple units.

In a commercial farming set-up, the products are interconnected to form sets. This helps in optimal maintenance of the farm, increased yield and a balanced PH/ TDS.

However, several factors are taken into consideration for the installation of the sets that are completely dependent on the site of the farm. We can give you more details after a visit to your site of set-up.
Do contact us to discuss your project in detail.
Please refer the chart below for a rough estimate of number of plants and the cost for your available space.

The above numbers / Monetary Values are only for reference and are subject to change. Only quotations/ PI shared by our company official should be considered final.